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Sunshine and Good Times

With summer officially kicking of on 12 days, we have been enjoying some great summer weather for the past week. Temperatures around +30 with bright sunshine brings out cyclists, walkers, partiers, moms and kids. The Lilac Festival was crowded on Sunday and the bike paths and cycle track had some minor congestion. There were a couple times, we needed to stop to allow cross traffic from St Patrick’s Island bridge to connect to the River Pathway.

I was encouraged to see that the CMLC east Village restrooms were open and heavily used but as you might expect, two facilities for 75,000 travellers is impossible to manage. I am sure that the Simmons BuildingĀ and Eau Claire Market drew lots of folks who needed a place to go, if they knew the bathrooms were there and that there is very little stigma for using these private washrooms. Wayfinding is needed for our public washrooms and if we are going to rely on private augmentation signage to those facilities is needed as well.

If you are enjoying East Village and the River Walk, know that there are facilities on the east end of St Patrick’s Island that are well marked and there is no signage directing you to the island (note, it is impossible to access St. Patrick’s Island on foot or bike because of flood prevention work – until 2017).

If you come here and need a place to go, checkout the suggestions above – Eau Claire market (near Prince’s Island, Simmons Building near St Patrick’s Bridge, CMLC high tech facilities in East Village on the River Path near the East Village Experience Centre and St Patrick’s Island)

If you discover additional, accessible, friendly washrooms along the pathways or in a reasonable distance, post them in comments and we will try get them up on the Sit or Squat app.

Help People who Come Here, Have a Place to Go



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