Making Some Head Way ;)

Over the past weeks, I have met with Councillors Carra and Wooley and Mayor Nenshi and they all expressed support for making facilities more accessible to  citizens and visitors alike. After their initial smile and chuckle when I raised this as a barrier to Calgary becoming a truly great city they stopped and realized that there is a serious issue, maybe a human rights violation in how we think and talk and plan public restrooms.

I don’t want to go down the human rights path because it raises all kinds of spectres but rather work with the City and citizens and businesses to just do what is right.

I was interviewed this morning on “Mornings with Danielle Smith”  (thanks @ABDanielleSmith )who I toured through the East Village during the Stampede. She smiled when we initially talked about the initiative but as you can see from her post and the interview, she has given it a lot of thought.

Take a listen and read here.

One thought on “Making Some Head Way ;)

  1. Cheri Bass says:

    Speaking on behalf of women who work outside, there is a serious lack of washrooms everywhere, not just Calgary. I also found it difficult when my kids were little to find a bathroom at places like playgrounds, soccer fields etc. if you didn’t live within walking distance. IE out of town or different area.


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