Sit or Squat

Whether you live in Calgary or almost anywhere else in North America, you can make a first step at creating accessible public washrooms in your city. The map app ” Sit or Squat” (available at App Store and Google Play) from is a great place to start.

While not all the locations are necessarily ‘friendly’ to all citizens is a question but mothers with children and seniors should feel welcome at any of the locations. You can help build a robust map for your city by downloading and adding public facilities to the database. It all seems quite easy to navigate and I have snooped my familiar haunts and the current map seems accurate.


If you take a look at Calgary, zoom in on the amazing river pathway system and especially  East Village. From well south of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary to well beyond the Pumphouse Theatre there are zero (0) facilities listed. This is the big goal of the YYC Public Loo project Рto ensure that our city does what all great cities have and build all season, public washrooms and build a network of citizen supportive businesses who welcome everyone who needs to go.

Next – The GoHere campaign by Crohn’s and Colitis.


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